Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the National Art Society getting started guide!
Within this guide we will discuss the different ways you can interact with this NAS site and utilize the tools to interact with other artists here and hopefully have some fun as well.

Uploading Portfolios

One of the biggest draws of the is the freedom you have to upload and store your artwork here. Our main portfolio page showcases the different ways we display portfolios submitted by the community. As you can see, you are able to view and sort the list of portfolios in various ways. Feel free to use this space as a way to show your artwork to others or inspire yourself for your next great showcase piece. Adding portfolios to the site (we refer to them as projects) is a simple 3 step process. Name your portfolio, add your images, add your tags, and save. Nothing complicated and your portfolio will be available for you to add or edit at any time..

Works In Progress & Collections

Don’t be shy about sharing your work, even when it’s not finished. If you have an in-completed piece of art you would love to share, add it to the site as a WIP! A WIP stands for Work In Progress and our site tools will allow you to upload unfinished art work to your portfolio with revisions. Revisions can be thought of as stages. As you upload your unfinished piece the site will store the images together as one with revisions so community members can see the progress of your work from start to finish!

Collections are an easy way to keep track of artwork you see around the site that you enjoy. Collections can be thought of as your pwn personal bookmarks. As you browse different portfolios of other artists, you are able to make a personal collections so you know how to get back to the art you love easily.

Discussion Forums and Groups

Our groups and forums sections of the national art society are great places to meet new community members and start discussions on artist relevant topics. Weather you are looking for feedback on your work or wondering how to ship that oversized item our mods and community members are here to help and make you feel welcome. After you have registered, please come to the Member Introduction Forum and introduce yourself to the community!

More To Come

Keep checking back as our launch month cotinues. This guide will be updated throughout this month to help explain the site and tools to new members. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay!